Performance Testing of a Moving-Bed Gasifier Using Coal, Biomass, and Waste Plastic Blends to Generate White Hydrogen [electronic resource]

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Thông tin xuất bản: Oak Ridge, Tenn. : Distributed by the Office of Scientific and Technical Information, U.S. Dept. of Energy, 2022

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The objective of this DOE-funded project by the Electric Power Research Institute, Inc. (EPRI), Hamilton Maurer International (HMI) and Sotacarbo S.p.A. (Sotacarbo), is to qualify coal, biomass, and plastic waste blends based on performance testing of selected pellet recipes in a pilot-scale updraft moving-bed gasifier. The testing will provide relevant data to advance the commercial-scale design of the moving-bed gasifier to be able to successfully use these feedstocks to produce hydrogen. In particular, the effects of the waste plastics on feedstock development (i.e., blending and pelletizing) and the resulting products (i.e., syngas compositions, organic condensate production, and ash characteristics) are a focus. The gasifier is Hamilton Mauer International, Inc. (HMI)?s moving-bed gasifier, which has been proven capable of gasifying nearly all coal ranks. It has also shown the ability in prior testing work to gasify wood chips. However, mixtures of these fuels with plastic wastes have not been prepared and gasified together. The feedstocks will be prepared by California Pellet Mill (CPM) under contract to HMI.The technical tasks and current status for this two-year research project are:? Feed Procurement and Preparation: Nine different feedstocks were prepared from varying compositions of PRB coal, corn stover biomass, and car fluff waste plastics. Fuel pellets were produced by California Pellet Mill and shipped to Sotacarbo?s test facility in Italy.? Test Plan Development: A test plan was created to define the test runs to be performed. The test plan detailed the different tests that were run, instrumentation used, extractive samples taken, and relevant figures of merit.? Gasifier Testing: Tests are currently being performed in the pilot-scale gasifier at Sotacarbo using nine different fuel feedstocks generated from varying mixtures of coal, biomass, and plastic wastes. The testing will provide information on gasification reaction efficiency/performance, yielding relevant data for models used to scale up the gasifier design. This task will also include work to reassemble the gasifier at Sotacarbo and perform a baseline 100% coal run.? Data Analysis and Reporting: Review of the data, determination of figures of merit, and interpretation of the results to be reported. The results will be used to specify the range of feedstock blends that can be successfully gasified as well as quantify gasifier outputs based on specific blends.This paper will be summarize the pelletizing procedure that insures the viability of the tri-fuel pellets for the gasification runs that are being performed at Sotacarbo?s 30mm up draft moving bed gasifier. Initial gasification tests have been conducted, and all the lab scale tri-fuel pellet gasification runs will be completed by the fall of 2022. Performance data will enable modeling of a full-scale HMI industrial scale gasifier supporting both CHP and Hydrogen production.
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