Sigmund Freud

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Tác giả: Pamela Thurschwell

Ngôn ngữ: eng

ISBN-10: 041521520X

ISBN-10: 0415215218

Ký hiệu phân loại: 150 Psychology

Thông tin xuất bản: London ; New York : Routledge, 2000

Mô tả vật lý: 158 p.

Bộ sưu tập: Tâm lý, Logic

ID: 70423

"This short introduction to Freud's theories, contexts, influences and cultural effects is the ideal guide for readers interested in this thinker's continuing impact on contemporary culture and critical theory. The perfect companion to Freud's own work, this volume examines key ideas and key texts alongside the contexts from which they emerged. As well as offering a critical reading of Freud, the author highlights Freud's genius as a critical reader - of dreams, symptoms, slips of the tongue, myth, desire and culture. What emerges from this approach is a lucid examination of Freud's influence on contemporary literary and cultural theory."--BOOK JACKET.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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